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Actress| Writer | Certified Life Coach
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Speaking and Coaching

Zintle has been proudly providing satisfactory and high quality services in South Africa and around the world.



What sets sets me apart is my compassion and the love I have for people. I want you to live a full, purposeful, and amazing life!


Every day you have an opportunity to live the life of your Dreams! I am committed and passionate about transformation, progress, purpose and living a FULL life.

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Coaching Packages







                                                          ​    Two Day Group Master Class 


Discover who you are. Learn how to Master your mind, body and emotions. Learn how to have control over anxiety and stress.


                                                             2-3 Hours Team Building Session


Find out who is really in your team. Become the catalysts for the team. Be a healthy, cooperating team member.


                                                                      One on One Session


Get unstuck Fall in love with yourself Learn how to love life holistically, Pursue your dreams and achieve your goals, through planing. Find your purpose

Keynote Topics

While I wait, I am preparing to WIN! (Based on the book that’s out now!)


Waiting is inevitable. However it is in how we wait that the correct foundation is built to ensure that we win at the end of our waiting. 

Not only will you get what you want, but you will actually be prepared for it!


Tools to Getting UNSTUCK!


Be it a job, a relationship or a bad financial situation. Feeling stuck is disabling, and it is only after we have our freedom back that we can fully prosper and be whom we said we would be.


How to live the life of your dreams


We all have aspirations, dreams and goals. However many of us have given up on ever living the life of our dreams. What if I told you that, that’s possible; that you can live the life of your dreams everyday? 


Are relationships really this messy?


Relationships form a huge part of our earthly experience if not all of it. That experience will not be that great if we keep attracting bad relationships. Like it or not our success or failure is directly linked to the wealth and health of our relationships. 

While I Wait ... I'm Preparing to Win!

We have all found ourselves at one point or another having to wait on something we wanted. The challenge comes when we are waiting on something we necessarily don't have much control over, like meeting our soulmate, having kids, or getting our breakthrough. It is in these seasons of waiting that we get discouraged, lose hope and we start to act out of desperation and settle for less that God has for us.

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