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Some things don't add up

There was a season when scientists were trying to prove that 1+1 is not = 2. There was a whole lot of debate about it, I was still in school back then and I remember thinking; "does this mean we all have to start over?" Because that math equation signified the foundation of my math education. Then after that Pluto did not exist, WHAT?

This is just another indicator that as human beings we are always trying to make sense of things by putting them in chronological order, logic, boxes and labels, we do this; 1. For our sanity, 2. So that we could have a bit more control over "life". However, what happens when those systems are disrupted? How do we respond or even live?

To make this a bit personal, what do you do when all you've "known" appears to not be real, when your dreams aren't as glamorous as you though they'd be. When your own equations are not equalling what you thought they'd be. What do we do when 1+1 does not = 2 in our day to day lives?

1. Don't force it

We should not misuse our energy on things that we have no control over. Do your utmost best in everything and leave what you can't control to the one who controls everything, His name is Jesus. If your 1+1= 2.3 let it be. Your results are never meant to look like anybody else's. You are unique.

2. Change the formula

If you are not getting the results you want, change the formula. Embrace and accept change because change is your friend.

3. Measure your results differently

Sometimes we can easily get fixated on this image we have of how this should be and we miss out on the beauty that is. The image may look different from how you envisioned it but can we still appreciate the beauty of the current image? In my life nothing looks like how I pictured it, and I am so glad it does not because the current image is even better than what I'd envisioned.

4. Appreciate the journey

The journey to my =2, has been nothing short of adventure. It was not easy but so worth it because I am in love and inspired by the girl looking at me in the mirror. Although at some point in my life my equations looked like I was losing, the times when it was 1-5 = -4. However it is those moments that lead to the greatest adventures of growth, painful discoveries and liberating truths about my true identity. I learnt to love me more because my journey is different from many. Appreciate your journey to your destiny, to your desired results. Own it, the good and the bad.

5. Some things aren't meant to be figured out

If you know me, you know that I love asking questions. I grew up with a crazy love for puzzles. Which stems from my desire to figure things out and piece everything together. However over the years, I have learnt to let go and let God, if I want peace. Something

are only revealed by time and no amount of calculating will reveal the end. We just got to wait them out and be okay with that.

I am currently learning that sometimes, 1+1 = 100 for some. When you have been adding and your 1+1 has = 0 for many years, God restores and He redeems. Don't be surprised in this season when your answer is a 100. It's time, it's your time! Don't worry when there's debates and people are talking about you because your results seem unfair. You have been patiently waiting. Celebrate and enjoy your season of overflow and favour!

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