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What in the world was that?

This ending decade for me felt like a thriller movie that wouldn't end. Please don’t get me wrong: it has been the best decade of my life. Nonetheless, the most challenging, jaw dropping, tears falling, why am I still alive decade kind of decade. Which for me sounds a lot like a thriller movie. Most thriller movies have a trend, 1) right after everything seems “fine” something else is going to happen, that will make you say; “what in the world was that?”, and 2) they are filled with major suspense.

I love to reflect, and process. I recently did that, I reflected on the best and literally the worst things that happened, and I have to say I went through a “lot”. I am certain that you have too. My life took so many turns that at some point I felt like I was in a rollercoaster that was being controlled by a psycho clown who was trying to kill me or wreck my life. Some moments I felt like I was riding in the clouds being carried by angels.

Nonetheless, I have become more convinced in my time of introspection and reflection that the decade I am entering into will be and is my best one yet. Not only am I prepared, I am ready! Every experience has groomed me and prepared me for what’s about to come. I am so excited for this coming year. How do I know that things will get better? Well I know God, He won’t allow you to go through the fire for nothing.

There’s a few things/lessons I want to take with me into my next decade, into my decade of greatness, and let me share some of them with you;

Control is an illusion that could lead to suffering and pain

I struggled a lot during the cause of the current decade. Looking back, part of the reason why I struggled so much was because I tried to control things I have no control over, instead of focusing on things I can control. This desire “need” to control often left me frustrated and caused me much pain. Not anymore, I accept what is, and work on all that is in my control to the best of my ability. This change of heart has brought me so much peace and joy.

Forgive quickly

Life is way too short and too good to waste time on holding grudges. Forgive, and do it quickly. How I respond to events that occur in my life, determines how far I go and whom I become.

It’s okay to love

What if I get hurt? that's usually the question for those who fear loving, like I was. Well, you might get hurt cutting an onion, or on your way to work but we still do these things regardless. Fear should never imprison you from experiencing one of life's greatest mysteries, and beauty. Love is magical, intangible yet so intense that it feels physical. One of God’s greatest creations. Enjoy it! Love wisely, but love you must. Love will surprise you when you open to it.

Love yourself daily

I used to be mean to me, and had no idea. It’s when I started monitoring myself talk that I realized how mean I was to me, but to the glory of God that has changed. My intentions and world view has completely changes, today I do all I do because I love myself. I don’t drink alcohol, I eat healthier, I enjoy working out, I have healthier relationships with others, all because I learnt to love myself that much. I am also much nicer, more kind, and gracious towards me, I am worth the respect I give myself.

Pure intentions and integrity are the todays treasure

Over the years I have learnt to always have pure intentions with people, and do everything with integrity. I used to get close to people because of what they have to offer. However that, left me and those people hurt. Now I value relationships, and people which allows me to do things first because I deeply care about the people, and I enter all relationships with what I have to offer in hand, not what I expect to get. This has made all my relationships beautiful, and blessed. I love wholeheartedly, and give fully without expecting anything back.

What in the world was that? Well that was a decade of the making of, ME. Whatever this decade was like for you, take time and reflect. Ask yourself some challenging questions, questions that will challenge you to live a purpose driven life. What are you taking with you this coming decade, and what are you living behind? Declare what you want this coming decade to be like and believe that God will bring it to life!

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