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What makes life Beautiful!

What makes life Beautiful!

There’s so many philosophies about life, and what makes life beautiful. There are scholars who spend most of their academic years “trying” to figure the deepest mysteries of life and how to Master this thing called “Life”.

Through studies and my own personal experiences with life, I have discovered that it is possible to live a beautiful life, amidst all the ugly that’s happening in the world. This may sound foreign if you have a belief system that is fractured and false, and you’ve grown to believe that life only has misery to offer. I disagree with that worldview, because it is disempowering.

Life occurrences are sometimes out of our control, however it is within our control to choose to make life a beautiful experience. Well you probably asking yourself, how does one choose to have a beautiful? Well…

You are here Purposefully for a Purpose!

We live in a generation of science, and self actualization, which is not a bad thing. However Idolizing self, and science with the idea to eliminate God’s existence is a problem. I believe that the rise in depression, and anxiety in this generation is partly because we don’t believe that we were created for a purpose by a loving God. This believe creates doubt, it is also disempowering, as it leads one to believe that no one cares nor can they be helped. I strongly believe that knowing that you were created, purposefully for a purpose is an empowering belief system and has the power to help change one’s worldview completely. You were intentionally put on Earth for a reason. You matter and you are loved!

Value the things that are Valuable

People make life beautiful. I have met so many people that say; “I don’t really like people”, as if they are not a person. As much as there are people that do “bad things” to other people, we all at some level have hurt other people intentionally or unintentionally. When we choose to love people, and approach every human interaction as devine, we start having beautiful experiences with life. I have personally chosen to value relationships and people more than I do getting ahead, or being “rich”. This has made my life so beautiful, fulfilling, and abundantly rich. I have chosen to value the most valuable thing here on Earth, people. Relationships are the real gold!

Don’t let Today go by

We are always so focused on the next day, next week, next year, next birthday, next this, and next that. What about TODAY? This may sound cliche’ but today is still a day worthy to be lived regardless of what’s happening. It might be the worst day of your life, or the most boring day of your life. However, how you choose to view today is completely up to you. You have the power to make today count. Allow yourself to live through the experience of each day, and always ask yourself this; What did I learn today? And what did I do today no matter how small, to make my life beautiful?

Don’t take yourself so seriously!

Just live a little. I think as we grow up and we start getting all these profound titles, like; mother, wife, the older sister, an author, a pastor, a this and that, we tighten up. Live, my dear friend! Enjoy this beautiful life that God has given you.

There’s something I do to get myself to loosen up a bit, I play fun dance music, then get up and start dancing! Mind you, I cannot dance for nothing but I don’t care. Enjoy life's moments, conversations with people, and not always be rushing to the next thing. Enjoy your workout, walks, and meals. You can choose to enjoy even the most tedious life tasks, if you choose to. You are the only person that has the power to make your life beautiful, regardless of the experiences life has given you. You can make that choice today!

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