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Hi! I'm Zintle

I am is a vibrant young woman, born in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

My purpose is to inspire others through different creative outlets; to Dream Bigger, and to work towards living a life that their truly satisfied with.

I am a trained actress, with 10+ years of Film, TV, and stage experience. I am a versatile actor that can an embody any character, because of the vast exposure and experienses I've had. I have an indepth understanding of script analysis, character breakdown, and ability to read the room on set so that I can follow direction well and be suppoirtive to my co-actors.


I am also a writer and certified Life Coach. As a coach, I am certified through Let’s live Coaching institute and is affiliated with the Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA), as well as the Federation for Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching professionals (NLPCP), and I hold a Biblical counselling Degree acquired through Westcoast college, in Texas, USA.


I am a personal, leadership, and team development coach who through customized inspirational keynotes and in-depth interventions, helps individuals, teams, get unstuck, think positively, and progress from any point and move them towards their desired goal. I writes books, blogs, preaches, teaches, motivates and inspires, this is out of her passion for personal growth and overall wealth. 

Deeply embedded in her heart is the desire and love of helping others be their best version of themselves.


Lindiwe on Durban Gen (2021)

Sonto on ISONO (2021)

Makena on Cinema Released Movie- Safe Bet

Kamo on - Rhythm City

Documentary- Unborn Cries

Advert- Water works

Short film- New York/New Brighton


One-on-One Personal Coaching

Young adults workshops in Zimbabwe

Teaching a course Leadership at the Chicago Masters Commision, USA

Weekly devotionals and Bible teaching at women's organization- Radiant Women in Chicago, USA

Team Building Training for SASSA Management Port Elizabeth,South Africa

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