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...But God, What About Me?

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

This question or a feeling rather is something that some of us will feel at some point in our Christian walk.  But God, what about me? 

I imagine a scenario, where there’s a group of us are waiting to get picked to go to this amazing destination. We all don’t know where the other is going, but we all have commonalities in emotions. The suspense and expectation is almost tangible. Then one by one people start living heading to their destinations, and we celebrated those that left before us, until the ones closest to us starting leaving. Now we are left there waiting and it's been a while- that’s how it feels to us at least. Then eventually comes the question; “...But God what about me?”

This question stems from the fact we feel as if we have waited long enough, prayed long enough, and done enough but the results we are expecting are not manifesting. It is when we have attended all the retreats we were told will lead you to a huge breakthrough in our lives, yet “no Big breakthrough has happened” as promised, at least in our eyes. You shouted amen! When they said; “if you believe that this is your season, shout Amen!” but nothing. But God what about me? We find ourselves asking at the end of all our efforts. 

What I am talking about is different from a faithless position, you can be filled with faith, yet still wander. You don’t even mind waiting, but you are struggling because it seems like He is blessing everyone else around you but you. It almost seems like you are intentionally being skipped. You feel have done everything “right”, “everything” God told you to do, yet you find yourself stuck in the same position whilst everyone else progresses. What do you do? I've been there many times. I have learnt a few things and I want to share them with you;

1. We have to understand the Kingdom system

When we change the way we view God's system, we find the peace we desire. What becomes frustrating is when we parallel God’s divinity, with a fallens worlds system. What I am saying is, in the world when we work, we already have a date of our compensation(salary) for our work, and there’s a binding contract to ensure this agreement. It would feel unfair if everyone else got paid at your job except for you, right? Well that is not how we should view the Kingdom system. We are in covenant with God, not in contract. We don’t have to work for the blessings that God gives, and He does not owe us.

When we do this we miss the glory that is revealed in us, the great work that God has done is us by saving us and taking us out of darkness because our focus becomes physical things that He needs to do for us and we completely neglect the fact that He has completely transformed us from whom we used to be and now we have a solid identity in Him. Which is way better than a raise, or promotion. God  has freed us from addictions, depression and suicidal thoughts, that is more valuable that more money, etc. I had to ask God to change my perspective and mindset while I wait on Him, because truth is God wants to bless me more than I want to be blessed. Now I wait with joy and peace.

2. Be content

The 3 Hebrew boys once said, God even if you do not deliver us from this furnace we will still not bow down to other gods, we will only worship You. Part of being mature in our walk is acknowledging our reality in light of God’s truth, and be content. Yes God can change my situation but I will be okay even if He does not. God is more than enough for me. 

3. Celebrate others

There is liberty in celebrating those that succeed. Jealousy and envy will keep you bound and bitter. Choose to celebrate others, when you do, God will see the purity of your heart and He will bless you too. Pray and ask God to help you if you struggle in this area. God blesses people and He chooses whom to bless and when. When we are jealous and envious we unintentionally resent God's decisions to Bless whomever He wants. Celebrate others your time will come, yes you've heard this before but as you celebrate others you are planting good seeds for yourself. My personal opinion and practise is; when I celebrate those that succeed “before me” or even “instead of me”,  I am acknowledging that blessings are in my neighbourhood. If my friends are being blessed, I know for a fact that my time is soon approaching and that makes me celebrate others even more!!

4. Have a mentality of abundance

Matthew 14:18-21

“Bring them here to me,” he said. And he directed the people to sit down on the grass. Taking the five loaves and two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people. They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over. The number of those who ate was about five thousand men, besides women and children.

Just because people are getting married does not mean that there are no more good men left. Just because people are prospering does not mean there won’t be any prosperity/ opportunities left for me. God is bigger than that, There is more than enough for you. Jesus spread the 2 fish and 5  loaves and there was still 12 baskets left at the end. Which means after the disciples help feed the 5000, there was still more than enough left for them. Imagine, if while they were feeding the 5000 they thought what if there won’t be enough for us and they took some for themselves first. Think abundantly and live abundantly, having a poverty mentality will make you frustrated and envious.

5. Give

Whatever you are expecting, start giving it to others, that’s how you sow seeds. Which you will later harvest.  Give your time, money, skills, become a giver of great things, when you expect great things. That is the economy of heaven. Give.

a. Joseph gave His way to the Palace, He gave whilst a slave, and He gave while in prison. He gave of his gifts, time, strategies and wisdom. That's how the cupbearer got his job back.

b. Jesus sacrificed, He gave His life. He gave the ultimate gift to us all. So Give.

These principles have completely freed me from frustration and sin (jealousy and envy) in my life. I now wait with great joy and expectation. My prayer is that you too are blessed and will take the necessary steps to ensure that you open a path of blessings in your life. Since having done this I have been able to live a life of praise and gratitude and I have seen God work miracle after miracle in my life. He wants to do the same for you too.

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