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Circumstances Shouldn't Dictate Your Perspective

After a long, draining day of spending time on telephone conversations, talking about how horrible 2020 has been, I went on social media. Not only did I find more "misery" there, but I had the same conversations about the same bad things that have consumed 2020. All I saw were memes, posts, and comments on how much 2020 sucks! As we all know social media is our modern day stamp of approval.

Often, I find myself having to work 1,000 times more than normal to stay positive or to feel good. Feeling anxiety now and again, has suddenly become a norm. Then, a sigh of relief comes after I complete my “routines,” such as prayer, meditation and exercises, because that puts me back in a good space.The constant ups and downs have become emotionally exhausting. I'm wondering if this is what the rest of the year will be like.

To my surprise, I learned from the Holy Spirit that I was the main source of this emotional roller coaster. Me? What? How?

I was appalled, and slightly offended, when I heard this, but what He said next helped me make an obvious connection and will help me shape the remaining months of this year. I hope it helps you, too.

The Holy Spirit said, “The year 2020, will be as good as you want it to be.” Then, it all made sense. The conversations I have had with people and with myself were all surrounding every negative thing that’s happening this year (there are a lot of positives, but I don’t share those). Understandably so because people are dying, losing their jobs, and their businesses. It is only NATURAL that one talks about this horrific reality. I partly don’t want to seem insensitive to what's going on and what people are going through.

However, I believe that what the Holy Spirit was revealing to me is that in times such as these, one ought to do the UNNATURAL thing, which will require SUPERNATURAL power. It is possible to have a positive, faith-filled conversation, even in the midst of pain and suffering. Misery loves company, and there is a ton of company available for all of us, now.

Being miserable, sad, toxic, and negative will not change your reality, instead it magnifies it. Yet, if we shift our focus and our thoughts, even if we can’t “change” anything, we can spread positivity and give others HOPE. It all starts in the mind. We must change our mindset towards this year. Don't focus on the negative situations surrounding us, but instead renew your minds to see the good.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. - Philippians 4:8

This year will be as good as we want it to be. If we keep emphasizing the bad, then more bad will come our way. However, if we shift our minds to solutions, and see the “good,” even in the midst of trouble, then things can and will begin to look differently for us all. We decide how we want this year to be, even though we don’t control the circumstances that happen. However, we can control how we respond or react to them. This determines the significance and impact that the “circumstances” have on us.

I am not condoning being delusional or ignoring reality, but I do believe that we can observe reality, in accordance with our faith in Jesus Christ.

Thus, I have made the decision that 2020 is still my best year, yet!


I never lost hope in Jesus, regardless of what life threw my way.

I found things to be grateful for everyday, regardless of what I was going through.

God has shown me, through every step, that He is right beside me.

God opened miraculous doors for me, and answered prayers I’ve prayed for over a decade.

I experienced love that’s deep, genuine, intentional, present and “godly”.

I learned painful lessons, which have helped shape me and have given me a new perspective.

I lost and gained; I failed and I won.

Opportunities that I desperately wanted, closed in my face.

Opportunities that I didn’t know I needed, that are much BIGGER than what my mind can imagine, opened effortlessly for me.

I’ve experienced chaotic-beauty this year. To me, beauty is a mixture of a mess, mystery, marvel, art, rare, and unusual, which sums up my experience thus far. With all that said, I am going forward in 2020 with commitment to be a good steward of my words and thoughts. I will do better, as a friend and relative, by making sure that I don't instigate negativity, but rather encourage and bring a positive perspective in conversations, even if it upsets some people (there are always people who love misery and feed off of negativity).

This year will be whatever we make of it! Let’s start making good choices- it’s NOT over yet! It won’t be easy, but the glory we will receive at the end, will be worth it! I am starting with what I watch, what I read, and who I talk to. Talking to Jesus more than anyone else will produce more of a positive outcome than any conversation I could ever have with anyone else on Earth!

Your perspective and mindset have the power to change everything, before everything changes.

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