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Is this the last of my “PRIME” years?

The other day I had a meeting with an artist manager. In all my years in the entertainment industry, I have never had an agent- “officially”, but since my return from Chicago, getting steady work has been a challenge. The meeting was going great! Until the agent asked me how old I was? as I was ecstatically giving a brief description of my resume. He looked at me, and without hesitation he said; “well don’t be discouraged if you don’t successfully make it through to most auditions because you are at that awkward age/stage where you are not young anymore, but you also don't look old enough to fit a typical mother description. However you might get lucky!”. Wow, talk about a dagger. Now I’ve just been told by- “my about to be agent” that I am not young enough. How did I get here!!??

I used to think people who are 29 years+ are “OLD”, and should have their lives together- or at least have everything figured out. Strangely I don’t feel OLDer, I know I’ve grown and become more mature. I am much healthier holistically as a person. Nonetheless I don’t feel like I am expiring. Until the latter mentioned conversation of cause, which I was informed that my prime years are over! I know the guy meant well, he was just trying to “warn” me.

What does one do then, when they have a dream, a goal, a passion that burns inside of them despite their age. There is some truth however, to what this “younger” man said to me. I am not 19 anymore. Nonetheless, what made me smile throughout this very interesting conversation, is the fact that I might have my prime years behind me, but I still have my best years ahead of me. I say this with confidence: The value, skill, ability, credibility and level of excellence I bring to the table is unmatched. I had to put my prime years behind me to build the great value I bring to the marketplace Today.

As I am about to celebrate another year of life, I am also celebrating the amazing woman I have become. A woman of value and substance.

So please join me in celebration by celebrating yourself, whether you are in a place where you are the youngest person in your department and people don’t respect the value you bring and they undermine your intelligence because of your age. Perhaps you are older and are surrounded by “younger people” and they don’t respect you or value your wisdom, due to their ignorance, perhaps you’ve found yourself shrinking to their level just to fit in. I would like to remind you of your true value, and worth. I would like to remind you as well, that you don’t have to feel shame because of your age. It is a great part of who you are- I dare even say that it's what makes you extraordinary, celebrate it! It is a beautiful thing!

Happy Birthday Zintle, and it sure is a very Happy Birthday!

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