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LOCK-ED "UP" DOWN- 21 Days

Isolation/ Quarantine

I am a lover of travelling by nature. I enjoy experiencing different cultures, and food! The world and life has taken a new turn. Things have changed drastically, and I doubt that they’ll ever be “normal”. It is overwhelming, scary, and still feels sooo unreal! We first started off by trying to make jokes out of the situation, who can blame us? We were trying to cope with the trauma, anxiety and stress brought on by this vicious disease.

Now reality has started sinking in, and it's not funny anymore! We've also had to get used to the new lingo; self-Isolation, quarantine, social distancing, etc. However, I have observed that in our frustration with these drastic changes, some painful because people are losing their jobs, homes, and most importantly their health. Nonetheless, in my observation (through social media), I have noticed that we have started being so consumed with all the negative aspects brought by this virus that we are no longer expressing gratitude for all we have despite the virus's impact.

We all have to stay home

We all have been urged to stay home. Many are bothered by this requirement, which is understandable. I could not help but noticed though, that the people who are “complaining” about it the most are a bit more privileged. They live in nice homes, they have food to eat for all "21 days" (and have the privilege to be able to order in).

However there is another population who’s distress has not been spoken about much on social media/ media. The people who relied on going to work in order to have personal space, because there’s 15 people living in a 2 bedroom house. We all are required to stay home! I can’t even begin to imagine what this time really means for them. Watching your kids/family starve for 21 days because there’s barely any food nor is there money to but it, no running water, or electricity. What about the kids who are abused at home, they too have to isolate, and spend every single day with their abuser (who happens to also be their parent or caregiver) without a break- school their only happy place, is closed.

Please carefully look at the pictures below, and process the different realities, and the conditions our brothers and sisters have to isolate under. Then ask yourself, if staying at home is really that ‘bad” for you:

Hong Kong



South Africa

Needless to say , the list is endless. All countries across the globe have areas with bad living conditions, its NOT just the ones I've mentioned.

As we are processing how to deal with this very stressful, and traumatic time, let us all remember to be grateful, and show compassion. Stay home! so that we can all live “normal” lives again. If we really have no idea what to do in this time, perform random acts of kindness everyday while isolating, whatever that means for you. Let’s be kind, positive, and spread encouragement. What we need more than anything now is prayer and love!

Stay home, stay safe, spread love, consider others, and practice gratitude daily.

FYI- These pictures are not to guilt trip you but a reminder to have perspective.

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