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Setting yourself up for Success!

I remember talking to my friend at the beginning of this year. I told her that I was surprised that so many people were talking about the new decade. They were voicing all the positive changes they wanted to implement this year, in order to ensure that this decade was successful.This is something I never seen in the previous decade, which could be due to a rise in social media usage.

The year 2020 went from being “20-plenty” to the whole world being instructed not to leave their homes. We wear masks, gloves and have to wash our hands until our skins fall off. The painful part is that people we know or love are losing their lives. As if that weren’t traumatic enough, people are forced to shut down their businesses and some are losing their jobs.

I intentionally use the word traumatic, because this is traumatic! Just like any trauma, we will go through the different stages of grief. We are being forced by circumstances, beyond our control, to embrace abrupt change that we never saw coming. We have to adjust to a new and unfamiliar way of doing a lot of things. At the same time, we have to be creative and innovative so that we can progress and make it post -pandemic.

What do we do with all the chaos happening in our present and the unpredictability of the future? We have to let go! We have created a very systematic and predictable world for ourselves, and we did not foresee that reality being disrupted in this manner. However, the reality is that our ideas of normal have been shaken to their core. In order for us to make it, and succeed amidst this pandemic, we have to be willing to completely let GO of our ideas and the perceived reality or normal that we have created.

Why let go? We want to allow something new to take place, and allow our minds to think beyond the limitations we have created for ourselves. In order for us to accept the changes, and to progress and prosper in this season, it is vital that we let our idea of 2020 go. The understanding of how we think things should have been, our expectations, and the plans we thought would be fulfilled in this year, must be let go. I am not saying that they won’t happen, but perhaps not in the way you and I planned. However, if we don’t let go, we won’t be open to a new way of actualizing our goals/plans.

I think it's time we EMBRACE the unfamiliar, the new, the not-so-normal reality we are living in. There are many blessings hidden in it, we have to seek them in order to find them. It’s time for us to let go of what we know to be normal, and allow ourselves to question and be open to creating a new reality.

Many will be made by this pandemic, depending on how we choose to respond to this crisis. Millionaires, entrepreneurs, authors, film makers, songwriters and so much more greatness will be born, in this time. However, if we choose to resist all the new things that God is doing, we risk being stuck. In this situation change is inevitable, refusing to be malleable is detrimental to our dreams and ultimately our destiny.Which side one ends up on at the end of this, is directly linked to our ability to let go and embrace what God has for us now.

We always talk about letting go and letting God. Well, there is no better time to act on that statement, than today!

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