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Swirling at the sound of compliments..

Am I the only who feels "weird" when being complimented? Then, all of a sudden my hands start feeling heavy, and I spend the whole time trying to figure out where to put them until the compliment torture is over. Over time, I started noticing that I find it hard to receive compliments because to me they sound like an exaggeration, or I start feeling like the person is being ingenuine. I don't think we have always been like this, so what has caused this mentality?

My little 2 year old cousin, Alu', is the sweetest little girl. She talks way too much for her age. She receives a lot of compliments daily, and she loves it! After she bathes and dresses up in her cute little dresses, she confidently walks around the room waiting for the rain of compliments to start. As soon as they start, she twirls around, flaunting her beauty so innocently. Then, she's off writing on walls with our lipsticks. While observing her I learnt a few things;

1.Receive compliments without trying to find malicious intent in it.

2. Swirl at the sound of compliments; enjoy them!

3. Receiving a compliment is not being proud, it's actually humility.

4. It's okay to respond with a thank you, instead of trying to compliment back.

5. Don't let your insecurity spoil a genuine moment.

Insecurities and ego are reasons for our inability to accept compliments.

I think we struggle receiving compliments because deep down we feel like we are not enough. Our insecurities and egos block us from receiving compliments, which means we have to let go of our insecurities. Let’s let go of the idea that rejecting compliments is being humble. Accepting compliments with grace, is love and humility.

In this season, I encourage you to choose to accept compliments, and give them as well. You will see how refreshing that feels.

It is Valentine‘s Day and I have a few things to say about you, I would like for you to open your heart and mind, and receive them;

YOU are Beautiful,

YOU are Intelligent,

YOU are Amazing,

YOU are Hot,

YOU are Worthy of love,

YOU are Creative,

YOU are Highly favored,

YOU are Likeable,

YOU are Exciting and Fun,

YOU are doing a Great Job!


How do I know this? Because I know the God who created you. He has a reputation of creating beautiful, magical, and phenomenal things. You are His best creation.

Now go look in the mirror and say, "Hey you! You are beautiful and I am so proud of you. I love you.... (insert your name)!"

Happy Valentine's Day! Remember, you are enough!

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